shad upei seeks team for 2021

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A young female holds up a digital tablet with the faces of a man and a woman on it
a 2020 shad participant during the keynote address of dr. donna strickland

upei will be hosting a virtual shad program in july 2021, and we are looking for staff or faculty who might be interested in getting involved.

shad is a steam-driven, problem-solving summer program designed to ignite potential for students in grades 10 and 11 from across canada (see for more details).

there are various opportunities available including

• leadership role as a co- or assistant program director

• leadership and support role as a program experience manager

• shad faculty, who will have an ongoing presence as part of the program and offer multiple sessions such as lectures, informal discussions and talks, workshops, serve as mentors for design projects, etc.

• regular presenters who offer a single lecture or workshop

• governance and advisory role as part of the shad upei steering committee

staff and faculty who are interested in learning more about these opportunities with shad upei are encouraged to contact dr. charlene vanleeuwen, shad upei program co-director, at

we will also be searching for students to work with the shad upei team as program facilitators. recruitment will begin in january for these highly competitive and sought-after positions. advertisements for these student positions will be on posted on the shad canada website and the upei human resources website.

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